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Please read these frequently asked questions before making a reservation.

What happens if I make a reservation?

After your reservation at Costa Blanca Express your reservation data will be electronically sent to our calendar database, and you within 2 business days by phone or electronic confirmation of your reservation will receive back.

What is the price?

A single trip means a trip, or from the airport of arrival to your residence or your residence to the airport of departure. A return includes both the transfer from airport to accommodation upon arrival and residence to airport on departure. Unless otherwise specified individual vehicles to transport 4 people.

Counting kids?

Children and babies occupying a seat, so the rate of one seat will be charged. The laws in many countries vary regarding the use of child seats for infants and children (see our security policy), we strongly encourage parents to bring their child for adequate safety in foreign countries and to comply with local laws . As with car rental policy is the responsibility of parents to the seat to fit. Most airlines do not charge you for carrying child seats and pushchairs. We have however always the possibility to provide infant or child in our vehicles. The price is only 5€ for a child seat or booster where you want to Costa Blanca Express evert this meal in our vehicle.

How do I transfer my arrival?

Instructions for finding your vehicle on arrival vary by airport. Specific instructions are given on the confirmation of your reservation. This is hand made by us and by e-mail sent to you. If for any reason can not find your driver on arrival, please call the number on your confirmation so that our driver directly with you in contact.

And on departure?

The booking procedure will automatically calculate the time that you pick should be for your flight, 2.5 hours plus time to check. You can bypass this option - you will taxi you to your requested pick up time at your hotel / apartment. Costa Blanca Express encourages you to at least 90 minutes before departure to the airport. Costa Blanca Express bears no responsibility for missed flights as customers transfer their vehicle with enough reserve time. In the case of changes to your flight schedule calls Costa Blanca Express out to back to your vehicle to reconfirm within 48 hours before your departure.

Travel times

The journey is the standard travel time listed on a normal day. These times may change in the season when more traffic or road as the direct route of travel influence.

What happens if my outbound trip is delayed?

Call or SMS to mobile number of the Costa Blanca Express and you will be notified of the new pick up time.

What if I travel with a wheelchair?

If you have a folding or non-collapsible wheelchair travel, you inform us before placing your reservation. Call (+34) 636 401 202 to ensure that we can provide a suitable vehicle.

How much baggage can I take?

Most vehicles can one suitcase per person and one piece of hand luggage inns. (Maximum 4 passengers per vehicle, children and babies included). If you travel with extra baggage, such as prams, wheelchairs, golf clubs, skis or other special baggage, you must notify us as additional charges may apply. If not, are provided to passengers extra charge.

Should I pay the driver a tip?

Gratuities are not included in the price you paid. It is all over the world the practice of a small tip to your driver to pay if you have dealt friendly and polite.

What happens if my holiday is changed before departure?

If your details change prior to departure, please contact us on (+34) 636 401 202 or e-mail to We fit your data. You are solely responsible for any increase in the price of the transfer if the new resort / hotel further away from the airport.

What happens if I cancel my trip?

You can cancel your reservation at any time. There are no charges. But we ask you kindly inform us as soon as possible once you decide to cancel the trip.


Costa Blanca Express offers a full indemnity. This applies to all suppliers. We recommend however a valid insurance policy for the duration of your trip.

Last minute reservations?

On our website you can transfer up to 24 hours before departure. If you need a transfer within 24 hours, please call (+34) 636 401 202. We do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

What is your policy regarding drunk passengers and coarse behavior?

Costa Blanca Express has the right to refuse carriage of persons suspected that under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior can be regarded as large and a threat to the driver, vehicle or other passengers(s).

Will my vehicle transfer me to the entrance of my hotel?

Although we are a service to the door of your residence pursue this in some cases impossible. If it is not possible to access to certain hotels and / or apartments because of their location, for example in a historical center, on a beach or at the time of local festivities, we will always ensure that you to the nearest point been accessible to the vehicle. That way you will have only a short walk to your stay remains. We are not responsible for the payment of local taxis.

What is the policy regarding smoking?

Costa Blanca Express use a non-smoking policy for all vehicles.

Waiting time of our drivers at the airport?

The waiting time of our drivers at the airport is a maximum of 1 hour after landing your plane. After that, an extra 20.00 euros will be charged. Contact us in case of flight delay for more information.

How can I pay?

You can pay in advance via Banco Sabadell IBAN ES49 0081 0671 2100 0127 5634 - B.I.C .: BSABESBB as well as Paypal and credit card via the site. You can always pay cash to the driver upon arrival.